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I got back from my summer holiday a week ago, and as is now traditional I’d like to share my holiday sketch diary.  For previous holiday sketch diaries see:  Summer Holiday 2010, Sunday Sketchblog #117, Sunday Sketchblog #137, Sunday Sketchblog #138, and Sunday Sketchblog #144.





















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ss 08-11-2015

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ss 12-07-2015

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On Thursday I went to the London launch of And So Forth, which is a new interdisciplinary opera and theatre company that specialises in collaborative work between exceptional emerging artists.  Now there’s a mouthful.  I’ll be honest and admit that I bought a ticket solely because the artistic director of And So Forth, Laura Attridge, is a friend of mine and I wanted to support her new business.  I knew it would involve music, probably opera, and that was it.  If you’re looking for sophisticated critique then you’re in the wrong place, but here are my thoughts on the evening.

The evening opened with jazz music during the drinks reception, the singer was Harriet Eaves and I wish I had got there earlier so I could have heard more of her!  Particularly liked her version of Toxic, but it was all fabulous.  Then the main event started and I was awash in a sea of confusion.  This isn’t a criticism, it’s just a very sad fact that I have trouble following the words of operatic verse!  However, the sound of the music was beautiful and very evocative, and I enjoyed it very much.  The verses were in the program so in theory I could have followed it better by reading… but to be honest I actually like just enjoying the sound and feel of the music as they are.  It’s nice knowing what’s going on (I caught up with the program during the interval), but there’s something lovely about just enjoying sound for what it is at face (ear?) value.

After the interval there was an acted piece which I thought was excellent: very involving, well written, and well performed.  Top marks for that and I’d love to see more of it.  The evening ended with a 12 minute opera which I did manage to follow, and I enjoyed that in a different way to the earlier performance.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening (church pews aside – ooh they’re not the comfiest of things are they?) and I look forward to attending more of And So Forth’s productions in the future.

ss 07-06-2015_01

ss 07-06-2015_02


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ss 05-04-2015_01

Not my usual pen and ink doodles this week, but instead a bit of experimenting with a new medium.  I bought some Faber-Castell Gelatos last week and of course had to try them out.

ss 05-04-2015_02They were bloody good fun!  It feels just like drawing with lipstick (which I’m sure most people did as a child, even if they weren’t supposed to): the texture is creamy and smooth, and blends very well with your fingers.  However, unlike lipstick, these things are water soluble so they can also be blended or diluted using a wet brush.  Pretty nifty.

I’m not entirely sure what practical use I’ll have for them as they are very chunky so clearly won’t be any good for detailed work, but I suppose they might come in handy for backgrounds.

ss 05-04-2015_03

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ss 14-09-2014

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ss 22-12-2013_01

ss 22-12-2013_02

ss 22-12-2013_03

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I didn’t get a chance to post any sketches last Sunday as I was (surprise surprise) too busy with the pup.  Managed to get a quick sketch of him this week though:

ss 24-11-2013

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We brought our new puppy home on Tuesday, so most of this week has been spent cooing over him and exclaiming over how cute everything he does is…so the only sketching opportunities at the moment are when he’s finally worn himself out and fallen asleep!

ss 10-11-2013_01

ss 10-11-2013_02

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Earlier this week I worked on some designs that I can gocco print onto notebooks…

ss 03-11-2013_01

ss 03-11-2013_02

ss 03-11-2013_03

ss 03-11-2013_04

I’ll be dusting off my gocco printing supplies on Monday and putting this design onto some Moleskine cahiers.

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