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Another Pratchett-inspired piece: this unites my love of embroidery, graffiti, and Sir pTerry in one fell swoop.  Hand embroidery on a watercolour background.  Available in my Etsy shop, click here to view.  As is now traditional, some work in progress shots below (including how I trace my designs onto fabric without having a light box!).






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2016-04-01 09.38.26

Another piece of embroidery created in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett.  This one is simple in execution, just black embroidery on plain cloth, but the design process was quite intense.  The image shows a telegram, and the morse code on it spells out GNU Terry Pratchett.  If you’re not a Discworld fan then you might want to click here for more information.


This piece is now available in my Etsy shop.  Click here to view it.  10% of the sale price will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.  More work in progress photos below.




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I was so pleased with myself for having started and finished this piece over a single bank holiday weekend… it’s a shame it’s taken me over a month to list it on Etsy!  It’s because pricing and listing items is my least favourite part of the creative process.  Designing stuff?  Great fun.  Making stuff?  Can be frustrating but is generally fabulous.  Actually getting round to selling it?  Nope, that’s where I stumble.

ANYWAY.  This piece is now available in my Etsy shop.  As with the lilacs embroidery, 10% of the sale price will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.


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The long bank holiday gave me a chance to both start and finish a project (novel, eh?).  It’s another mixed media embroidery piece and, like last time, I remembered to take some progress shots to show you how it’s done.  The quote is from Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, and the image is from Pixabay.

ripples WIP_01

ripples WIP_02

ripples WIP_03

ripples WIP_04

ripples WIP_05

See at this point I thought I was done, but when you look closely you can still see a fine film of paper residue on the surface of the image.

ripples WIP_06

ripples WIP_07

That’s better!  Onto the embroidery.

ripples WIP_08

ripples WIP_09

I’m all out of frames so this piece is currently waiting for me to take a trip to the dreaded IKEA (oh how I hate the place) before I can list it in my Etsy shop.

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Aaaah, the joy of a new sketchbook!  Mostly dogs this week: my own lovely shiba, Loki, and some of his friends from the park.  Also a shout-out to Sam Garton and his Otter, who I absolutely adore.

ss 06-09-2015_01

ss 06-09-2015_02

ss 06-09-2015_03

ss 06-09-2015_04


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At the start of April I went to visit the Terry Pratchett mural that was being done by Jim Vision and Dr Zadok.  At the time of my visit the mural was only half finished, although it still looked amazing (click here for my previous blog post on this).  I finally got a chance to go back and view the finished mural at the end of May, and here it is.

SESE 11_01

SESE 11_02

SESE 11_03

SESE 11_04

SESE 11_05

SESE 11_06

SESE 11_07

It truly is a work of art.  Go and see it if you get the chance.

SESE 11_08

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The Glorious Revolution.  To learn more about how this embroidery piece was made click here.  To purchase this piece, please click here.

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I’ve been wanting to do something linked to Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch for a while, and my first attempt was an embroidered piece (see below) that I was happy with in terms of the text, but really not happy with my poor ability to embroider a lilac blossom.


I went back to the drawing board and decided to try using a photograph as the background, which gave me the opportunity to try image transfer onto fabric for the first time.  I found a royalty free image that I liked, then I tweaked it digitally to achieve the effect I wanted.  I then obtained a laser print out of the image; this is important as this image transfer method doesn’t work with inkjet print outs.



If you want to try this yourself then you need to coat the image with gel medium and then press it down onto the fabric of your choice.  Work all the air bubbles out and then leave it to dry.  Once it’s thoroughly dry you wet the paper (with a spray bottle or a sponge) and then rub your finger over the paper to ease it gently off the fabric.


My first attempt wasn’t entirely successful.  I don’t think I applied enough gel medium, and I also suspect I didn’t leave it to dry long enough.  I started to remove the paper and you can see that the image came off in places, so I abandoned this first attempt and started again.  I was a lot more thorough with the second one, and I let it dry overnight (rather than just for a few hours).


It went much better!  It did take ages to remove all the paper.  I kept damping it down and rubbing until I thought I’d got it all off, but once the fabric had dried there was still a thin layer of paper left to come off, so I moistened it again and persevered until it had all come off.  It was a very tedious process because I was afraid that the image might come off if I rubbed too hard or vigorously, so it was softly softly and took what felt like forever.  Still, it was well worth the effort because the image looked great when I had finally got the paper residue cleaned off properly!



The embroidery was the final stage, and that was quite time consuming too.  I wanted an ever-so-slightly weathered look for the text, to be reminiscent of the font used on the front of Night Watch, so I had chosen a finer fabric than I use for my circus letter embroidery and this allowed me to be more precise than usual with the satin stitch…but of course the trade off for precision is that it takes time.  It also gave me strained eyes.  We all suffer for our art.


I love the finished piece, it turned out beautifully and I’m very proud of it.  It’s now available in my Etsy shop, and 10% of the sale price will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.


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When I read the news that a graffiti tribute to (the much loved and sorely missed) Sir Terry Pratchett had appeared in the east of London I couldn’t resist going to see it for myself.  It was well worth the trip, and it felt somewhat like a pilgrimage.  The work is beautiful, and I think a very fitting tribute because as pTerry himself once said

You ignore graffiti at your peril. It’s the heartbeat of a city. It’s the voice of the voiceless.







This amazing mural is on the side of the Pillow Cinema, Code Street (E1) and it’s by Dr. Zadok and Jim Vision.  Go and see it before it’s inevitably vandalised by some little scrote. It’s not finished yet, according to the artists, but I’ll post an update and some more photos when it is.

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Truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love, and a hard boiled egg!

ss 26-05-2013

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