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I’ve got a backlog of street art that’s waiting to be catalogued, but I couldn’t resist bumping this lot to the top of the list.  The first can be found outside 36 Southam Street, W10.  The rest are all from Trellick Tower, Golborne Road, W10.


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A selection from the Ladbroke Grove area.  The first set are at the junction of Ladbroke Grove and Lancaster Road (W10)


These are from the wasteground just off Meanwhile Gardens, near the base of Trellick Tower (W10).

street art_220_07street art_220_08street art_220_09street art_220_10street art_220_11street art_220_12street art_220_13street art_220_15street art_220_14street art_220_16

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Another quick but colourful one this week, spotted just opposite Trellick Tower (Golborne Road, W10) a few weeks ago.


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In February I stumbled upon a bit of urban wasteland in the shadow of Trellick Tower (click here to view that post).  I should make a note to pop back there on a more regular basis as the artists there do have some lovely stuff (the Je Suis Charlie has been replaced by the girl in glasses).

street art_78_02

street art_78

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I found this on 13th January, in a bit of urban wasteland tucked away between Meanwhile Gardens and Trellick Tower, W10.

street art_53

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A quick sketch of the view from the desk in our new loft.  That thing in the distance that looks a bit like an eight-bit dog is actually the top of Trellick Tower.  The tower is a monstrosity and at first I was very disappointed to find that it was slap bang in the middle of my view… until a friend called it ‘the dog’.  Now when I look at it I see just a Scottie dog, which appeals to me and makes the view far more acceptable!

2014-04-06 10.41.43

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