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I’ve had some unusual commissions in the past, and this was definitely one of them!  Fun to do, but I imagine it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.  I have made a lot of trinket boxes (like this one) and I’ve done them on a variety of themes: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, romantic ones for anniversaries, and even a tiny one for use as the ring box at a wedding.  This was the first time I’d been asked to do one with a more sinister theme.  The box was to be addressed to Special Agent Clarice Starling, and the back of the box was to bear Hannibal Lecter’s signature.  This is another commission I never got around to blogging (way back in June 2009), and sadly the photos aren’t great quality (I used to have a really terrible camera!) but here it is:





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I’ve been at home, ill, for over a week now and cabin fever has well and truly set in.  I’ve done a lot of knitting and crocheting, but I really miss being outside.  Spending too much time on my feet is still exhausting me though, so yesterday I ventured down to my studio to try and get something done (with the bonus that I could enjoy the view of my garden at the same time).

wip 02-10-2013_01

First task of the day was to finish up some half-finished work I’d abandoned on my desk a couple of weeks ago.  I normally try to keep a few trinket boxes in stock, just waiting for their lids (which are finished to order) and these are now ready and waiting for orders.

wip 02-10-2013_02

Next up was a small experiment, which I’ll return to later this month I think…

wip 02-10-2013_04

Finally I made another step towards decluttering.  When I visited Indonesia two years ago I came back with all sorts of stuff, including a load of Japanese calligraphy paper.

wip 02-10-2013_03

I’ve used a few packs of it, but there were still four lurking in a bag.  Hmmm…what to do with them?  The paper is lovely, but quite thin, so I wanted to case it in nice covers, but not in my usual way.


So I went for a non-sewn binding technique: basically tying the paper into a hard cover.  I thought this would be quite practical as it means, once the notebook is full, the pages can be slid out and new pages inserted.


I’ll be adding these to my Etsy shop later this week, along with some other new books that I completely forgot to list!  More from me again soon, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of bookbinding after a bit of an extended break from it, and I might as well make the most of the time I’m having off sick!

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A colleague commissioned a trinket box as a gift for her friend’s 40th birthday. The friend in question is crazy about Mills & Boon (apparently it’s her guilty pleasure), so I created a trinket box that looks like a Mills & Boon novel. The synopsis on the back of the ‘book’ features the name of the birthday girl as the heroine of the piece, and her husband as the romantic interest.

My colleague bought some jewellery to place in the box, and presented it to her at the birthday party. Apparently she almost wet her pants laughing! Job well done I think!

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