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At the start of August I thought I would finally take the plunge and learn Tunisian crochet.  I decided on this pattern (you’ll need to register to view it, but it will cost you nothing), and for the first time in ages I decided to go ahead and just use whatever yarn I happened to have spare.  It’s been a while since I didn’t buy yarn specifically for a blanket project and you know what?  It felt great.  There is something extremely satisfying about using up yarn that’s left over from other projects, it’s what blanket squares were made for!

I found it really easy to get to grips with Tunisian crochet, and it’s definitely something I will come back to (I might even make this pattern again).  The pattern itself was great as it comprises 9 different stitch types so making the afghan was a real learning process.

Here’s how it looked once it was all sewn together.


Not bad, but I thought it was lacking something so I gave it a scalloped edge.  That did the trick.



The squares are a little uneven in size although you can see that I did eventually get the hang of keeping my tension even.  If you look at the second photo the bottom half of the blanket is made up of all the squares I did first, the top half were the ones I did last – it’s very easy to spot the difference!

So it’s a little wonky, but I love the variety of stitches (nine different stitch types), and the fact that it used up a huge chunk of my leftover yarn stash was a bonus.  The finished item measures approximately 1m square, and it’s destined to be a gift for a friend.

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Still working on the Tunisian crochet blanket in my spare time and I’m about half way through so I thought I might as well start sewing the squares together to help keep me motivated.


The dog doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as me!

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Work in progress, a Tunisian crocheted blanket…


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