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A nice selection of street art I collected on a walk through Camden back at the end of March.

street art_170_01

street art_170_02

street art_170_03

street art_170_04

street art_170_05

street art_170_06

street art_170_07

street art_170_08

street art_170_09

street art_170_10

street art_170_11


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A small one this time, spotted on the post box at the junction of Chevening Road and Peploe Road, NW6.  This is the top end of Peploe Road, and at the other end is an urban fox (Street Art #17).

street art_77_01

street art_77_02

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Another urban fox, this one is tucked away on the side of Kilburn police station (which, confusingly, is actually in Queens Park).  If you’re looking for it then the fox is in Harvist Road, NW6.  If you’re new to my blog and would like to see more examples of the urban fox then just use the search box and it should return a few of my previous posts for you.

street art_62

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Another urban fox to add to the collection.  This one is in Hartland Road, NW6.  Previous urban fox art can be found here and here.

street art_42

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Another urban fox in Peploe Road, NW6.

street art_17

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The urban fox graffiti is a well known phenomena in north west London (see here for more examples), and this particular one is quite near where I live.

street art_07-01

My dog, Loki, is a shiba inu and people often comment on how fox-like he looks.  Well, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him with this graffiti.

street art_07-02

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