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More tile art from Little Venice, these seem to change randomly so I hope I’ve not repeated any!  Last update was here.

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The tile art down in Little Venice (Street Art #160)  has changed!

street art_199


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Back in April I noticed that someone (or several someones) had taken the opportunity to scrawl some drawings on Lord Hills Bridge.  When I passed by there again a few months later I noticed a couple of new additions

street art_189_01

street art_189_02

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So much street art, so little time.  I’ve got a huge folder of photos to get through so without further ado here’s some tile art from Little Venice, London W2.  I featured one piece of tile art in December (click here to see it) and I’m honestly not sure if these other tiles have been added since then, or if I simply missed them the first time round!

street art_160_01

street art_160_02

street art_160_03

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Tiny tiled street art.  Spotted on the towpath at Little Venice, just as it goes under the road to become Paddington Basin (London, W2).



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I do like murals that enliven otherwise dull public spaces, and underpasses are always in need of a bit of brightening up!  This one goes under the Westway, with the entrance just by Paddington Green (W2) and if you’d like to know a little more about it then click here.  You can also click on my photos to bring up a larger version.



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This one is under the Westway, by Royal Oak Station (W2).

street art_131_01


street art_131_02


street art_131_03

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In February I stumbled upon a bit of urban wasteland in the shadow of Trellick Tower (click here to view that post).  I should make a note to pop back there on a more regular basis as the artists there do have some lovely stuff (the Je Suis Charlie has been replaced by the girl in glasses).

street art_78_02

street art_78

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ss 31-08-2014_01

ss 31-08-2014_02

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