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The prompt for day three of #indieweek is ‘your home and community’ – which gives me the perfect excuse to trot out one of my favourite quotes (by the wonderful Ben Aaronovitch – if you’re not familiar with his work then grab Rivers of London and get reading).

If you’re a native-born Londoner..then the strongest bit of your manor is where you grew up.  There’s a particular kind of safety that comes from being on the streets where you went to school, had your first snog, or drink, or threw up your first chicken vindaloo.

It’s true, and one’s manor doesn’t just confer a sense of security but also one of community.  I live at a bit of a crossroads: on the north/south boundary between Brent and Westminster and, looking east/west, I’m slap bang betwixt Queens Park and Kensal Rise.  I went to school in Kilburn, and (for various reasons) Maida Vale has also become part of my regular stomping ground over the years.  My manor is wide and varied; it ranges from the polished and ludicrously posh, to the slightly grubby and still-furiously-resisting-gentrification. I love all of it: the community spirit of the people who walk their dogs in the parks, the friendliness of local shopkeepers, the quirky habits of certain local residents (I’m naming no names), and the fantastically rich local history.  It’s an amazing place to live, and I think that living here has influenced me and my work no end.



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More tile art from Little Venice, these seem to change randomly so I hope I’ve not repeated any!  Last update was here.

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A quickie this week, this one is just near the fish on the canal towpath by the ha’penny steps (Harrow Road, W9).

street art_175

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Been meaning to capture this mural for, quite literally, years.  Finally remembered so here it is!  It’s located just opposite Our Lady of Lourdes church, Harrow Road (W9), and I can’t make head nor tail of the url that’s at the top left so if you can work it out then please comment and let me know.

street art_172

street art_172_02

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A very quick one this week.  Spotted this in March, and the phonebox in question is at the junction of Shirland Road and Elgin Avenue (W9).

street art_119

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I have got dreadfully behind with my street art collection yet again.  This fish (trout?) was spotted on the canal near the Ha’penny Steps, W9.

street art_102

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Some of The Loki Files‘s friends from the park.

ss 19-07-2015

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ss 28-06-2015

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Well, Street Art #52 didn’t last long, it’s now been replaced by a piece by Inkie.  You can find it on the canal towpath (somewhere between Meanwhile Gardens and the Ha’penny Steps, W9).

street art_70_01

street art_70_02

street art_70_03

street art_70_04

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It pays to be eagle-eyed when you’re out and about, as street art might be hiding in the oddest places.  I was walking past an apartment building on Woodfield Road, W9, when I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye.

street art_57_01

A cute bit of graffiti, lurking in the car park beneath the apartments (which are just opposite the pub, Angie’s Free House).  So I stuck my arm through the railings and got a better shot.

street art_57_02

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