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More tile art from Little Venice, these seem to change randomly so I hope I’ve not repeated any!  Last update was here.


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A quickie this week, this one is just near the fish on the canal towpath by the ha’penny steps (Harrow Road, W9).

street art_175

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Been meaning to capture this mural for, quite literally, years.  Finally remembered so here it is!  It’s located just opposite Our Lady of Lourdes church, Harrow Road (W9), and I can’t make head nor tail of the url that’s at the top left so if you can work it out then please comment and let me know.

street art_172

street art_172_02

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A very quick one this week.  Spotted this in March, and the phonebox in question is at the junction of Shirland Road and Elgin Avenue (W9).

street art_119

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I have got dreadfully behind with my street art collection yet again.  This fish (trout?) was spotted on the canal near the Ha’penny Steps, W9.

street art_102

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Some of The Loki Files‘s friends from the park.

ss 19-07-2015

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ss 28-06-2015

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