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I’ve got a limited number of boxes that are stuffed with stationery at a bargain price.  Each box contains a mixture of old and new stock, and the contents of each box is different so you’ll have to refer to the individual listings for details.  Click here to visit my Etsy shop (they’re in the Reduced to Clear section).



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It’s National Stationery Week, and to celebrate I’m offering a 15% discount on all orders over £10 until 4th May.  Use code NSW2015 when checking out from my Etsy shop to claim your discount.

To tempt you, here’s a selection of the stationery available…

comic colour_01



minion madness




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It’s been a while since I introduced a new type of product to my Etsy shop, but here goes… self adhesive wax seals.  Wax seals add such a beautiful touch to letters or packages, but can be a bit tricky to get right.  I’ve done all the hard work for you and these wax seals have got a sticky pad on the back so that all you need to do is peel off the backing and stick it on.  Easy peasy!

I have two designs available at the moment: thank you, and love.



If you’d like to order a larger quantity (for a wedding, perchance) then please do contact me for an estimate of costs.

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wip 06-11-2013_01

It’s been a bit busy this past week, and I’ve worked late a few days to try and get ahead before a new distraction arrived…

wip 06-11-2013_06

…our new puppy, Loki, came home yesterday!  He’s an absolute delight, and I’m glad I put some extra hours in last week because now I can skive off for a few days with a clear conscience!

So, what did I do in my studio then?  I created a new gocco screen and printed oodles of notebooks and cards…

wip 06-11-2013_05

…these will be added to my Etsy shop very soon, so keep an eye out if you like all things minion.  I also spent some time playing with a hot glue gun and some sealing wax…

wip 06-11-2013_03

wip 06-11-2013_04

…Hogwarts wax seals, which will have sticky pads on the back very soon.

I’ve also been dithering about trying yet another different craft, but I will tell you about that another day.  Right now there’s a wee puppy to be played with 🙂

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