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…bridesmaids.  This is something I learned recently when I was asked if I would make notebooks as gifts from a bride to her bridesmaids.  Sure, I said, no problem.  How many bridesmaids?


I can’t lie, that threw me a bit, but in the end it turned out to be terrific fun because I got to design nine different notebooks.  The bride wrote down a few words about each woman, and off I went to select papers and binding styles.


An eclectic mix, let’s show off each notebook individually so you can have a proper look.  Although it was occasionally challenging to find the right paper for each cover, it was very satisfying to rummage through my studio trying to find ‘the one’.  Even more so to then decide which binding style would be best, and of course the question of thread, and inner lining – oh the choices!  These books have been made using everything from scrapbook paper through to a repurposed paper carrier bag, and some of the vintage linen thread is older than I am!  I hope that the bridesmaids like them as much as the bride and I do 🙂










Here they are all wrapped up and waiting to go.



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It’s been a while since I introduced a new type of product to my Etsy shop, but here goes… self adhesive wax seals.  Wax seals add such a beautiful touch to letters or packages, but can be a bit tricky to get right.  I’ve done all the hard work for you and these wax seals have got a sticky pad on the back so that all you need to do is peel off the backing and stick it on.  Easy peasy!

I have two designs available at the moment: thank you, and love.



If you’d like to order a larger quantity (for a wedding, perchance) then please do contact me for an estimate of costs.

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No, not an actual disaster, but a commission inspired by the Paper Plane range by Disaster Designs.  Back in January I was contacted by a friend who wanted a guestbook made for her wedding.

I’d like something A4 and landscape with coptic binding, as suggested, and we’re expecting 120 guests.  We’ve not really got a theme for our wedding, it’s a bit of a mishmash!  Our invites are vintagey luggage tags and I love the Disaster Designs paper plane range with the old airmail border, old maps, that sort of thing.  My bridesmaid will be wearing teal/turquoise but we’re not going nuts with a specific colour theme.  I don’t imagine that’s very helpful really!

She also included links to some of the Disaster Designs items she particularly liked.  Despite her fears, this was all incredibly helpful!  I had a think, and played around with a few ideas.  My first thought was to have sturdy fabric pages covered with pockets so that guests could write their message on a luggage tag and then slot it into the book – this idea didn’t really get past the rough stage, but it’s certainly something I might attempt at a later date!

In the end we settled on the design you can see pictured above.  I used a map print by Cavallini & Co for the covers: it would have been nice to use a map which was more personal to the bride and groom, but they were born at opposite ends of the country so it wasn’t that practical!  I chose a lovely tan leather to create the look of a quarter-bound binding, and attached a luggage tag to the front bearing the names of the couple and the date.  The idea of using some airmail bias tape as a tie closure was abandoned as, in the end, I thought it made the design look too cluttered.






I did use some airmail style bakers twine on the luggage tag though, which I thought was a more subtle nod to the Paper Plane range.

I loved working on this commission as, like the bride, I am a huge fan of the Disaster Designs stuff.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get round to blogging about it (the wedding was in August!), but it’s here at last and I hope you all enjoy seeing it.

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A lovely little commission for a gorgeous wee lass.  The covers are made using an old ordnance survey map of the Barnstaple area – with Lundy Island given pride of place, as that’s where the couple got engaged.


It was a really nice book to work on, but one thing I did discover was that my desk is not really big enough for some things…


…yeah, I did struggle a bit there, but got there in the end and the finished result was well worth the swearing!







The names of the bride and groom, together with the wedding date, were added to the front of the book by hand (imitating the fonts which were used on the invitations).  The book measures approximately 21cm x 15cm, and contains 36 pages (72 sides) of 220gsm cartridge paper; the coptic binding has been done using 100% linen thread.

I still have quite a lot of the map left over, so there may yet be a second installment to this post!

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A few months ago I was tracked down by a very determined man.  He’d received one of my notebooks from his fiancée, but as I’d not stamped my details in back he had to find me the hard way.  Top marks though, he did manage it, and once he’d found me he had a commission for me!

He wanted a special book made which he could fill with bits and bobs and then give to his bride-to-be as a wedding gift.  They have a shared love of games, so he decided he wanted some tiles from Carcassonne used on the cover.  It took two attempts to send the tiles to me (thanks to some unscrupulous so-and-so at Royal Mail who opened the first envelope…), but they did eventually arrive and the book was made.

Emily and Pete tied the knot this weekend just gone, so congratulations to them!

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I’ve done a lot of wedding commissions, but this has to have been my favourite so far.  Not only was it a lot of fun, the venue that the reception is being held at is a place for which I have a huge soft spot: Howling Hill House.

The couple’s very vague brief was this: they wanted the invites to be small notebooks with just a few pages (and a map), if possible the cover should feature the lyrics from a song they love, and it should be vintagey or countryside in theme.  There were only five invites to be made, and each one would be personalised to include the name of the room at Hill House which the guest had been allocated.

After much pondering I came up with the idea to make it sort of scrapbooky/vintagey in style, and here’s the final result.

Because each book only contains six pages I opted for a wrap-around style as experiments showed that binding so few pages in any other style looked a bit odd.  I chose a gorgeous paper by 7Gypsies for the covers, and added the lyrics from their chosen song by hand.

I also added the date of the wedding

The inside of the covers were lined with brown parcel paper, to add to the scrapbook feel.

The pages are a lovely 200gsm cartridge paper, and the couple chose a typewriter style font for the text.

The invites contain two maps.  One is the very pretty map from the Hill House website (pretty, but not actually that accurate), and the other is a little map printed from Google (not so pretty, but a far better aid to navigation).

As an extra touch I made some little envelopes and filled them with heart-shaped confetti that I punched from vintage pages of Romeo & Juliet.  These have been tucked into the back of each invite.

Finally, the invites were fastened with some lovely coarse twine and a button (a different style button for each invitation).

So there we have it, five very unique invitations.

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It’s been a busy week for commissions hasn’t it?!  This is the third and last one for this week, and we’re back to the more usual theme of weddings.

The lady who commissioned this one took a fancy to the metallic fabric that I’ve used for two previous books (Vanilla & Gold, and Pink & Silver) and asked me to create a purple and silver themed book using that.

Which was a simple enough request, but boy did it lead to a rollercoaster of emotion.  I went to the shop where I had originally bought the fabric a couple of years ago, only to find that they no longer had any.  I then rummaged through my studio and thought I had found a sheet of it… which turned out to be a half sheet, not big enough to do both the front and back covers.  Despair set in.  Then, when all seemed lost, I found two (yes, TWO) whole sheets tucked away inside a roll of pink paper.  JOY!

The boards for the covers were covered with a handmade light purple paper, then the silvery fabric, and the inside of the covers was lined with the handmade paper.  The client wants to stick photographs and other things into the book, scrapbook-style, so I went with a loose binding which would allow the book to expand as more contents were added.  Thus I added eyelets to the cover  through which ribbons are threaded, holding the pages in.

The book also closes with ribbon ties which have been threaded through eyelets.  The pages are 220gsm cartridge paper, and there are pages of lilac paper acting as dividers (and to add a little extra interest).  It’s a pretty book, quite elegant in its way but (with the casual ribbon binding) still scrapbookish enough to meet the brief.

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