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Don’t worry, although it’s been a couple of months since I last visited the Chiswick boot sale I didn’t go mad and buy a door (although I do love that someone actually had a door to sell!).  The weather was pretty good: light showers on and off through the morning, but really warm.  I was there super-early this month as my mother said it would be better… I normally get there for about 7.30am but this time we were there for 6.30am instead.

I’m not convinced about getting there that extra hour early.  People are still setting up their stalls (and, in fact, were still driving in for the first hour) so there’s a lot more walking involved as you end up going round and round repeatedly to see what else has been unloaded.  Obviously you get first dibs on stuff, but I’m of the opinion that you can’t miss what you’ve never seen.

Anyway, shall we skip forward to the interesting part?  Here’s what I bought:

Three old diaries (£5 in total).  I really liked the covers on these, particularly the adverts on the back.  I have a mind to turn these into notebooks (there’s a surprise!), but the actual pages are pretty interesting too as these are used diaries… I shall have to think carefully about what I’m going to do with them.

Some more DVDs to add to my collection (£1 each).

A gorgeous vintage book of minutes which, as you can see from the second photo, is huge!  The inside of this book is as delightful as the cover.

It’s full of handwritten minutes (look at that lovely neat handwriting) interspersed with the odd typed memo or letter that’s been pasted in.  Just beautiful.

This is a bit random, but it’s a cigarette card album  and (impressively) it’s complete.  All 50 cards are in there, and it’s in good condition to boot!  I have no earthly use for this but at just £1 it would have been daft not to buy it.

Another random purchase… I’ve still got a box full of old mortgage deeds to use up, so I didn’t really need any more.  However it was the address that made me buy it:

My fella is from Leek, just down the road from Hanley (and thus the phrase “up ‘anley, duck” is not unfamiliar to me).

It’s in great condition so once I’ve shown it to my sin-laws (who are due for a visit to London at the end of September) I’ll add it to the box with the others in my studio.

Three good sized jars (£5 in total).  Don’t really need more jars at the moment, but they always come in handy don’t they?

A set of nesting tins which I really like.  No use for them at the moment, but perhaps after we’ve redecorated the kitchen (some time this decade, if Brent Council pull their finger out and approve our loft plans…) I might use them for tea, coffee and sugar.  These were just £3.

Last, but certainly not least, this fabulous little cupboard.  I love this style, and at £8 it was a real bargain (let’s face it, I couldn’t build one for that little!).  I have vague plans of it being a bedside cabinet once the loft is done.  At the moment I’ve managed to find room for it in my studio (where it’s now home to my Gocco printers and supplies).

I was very restrained with my spending this month, there were loads more things I wanted to buy, but couldn’t really justify.  Still, I’m pleased with what I did buy, and already looking forward to the next one!

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