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This is another ‘use it up’ project that I’m partway through. I’m mostly enjoying it, or I was until I hit a snag with a leaf.  More details to follow once it’s finished!

wednesday wip 15-03-2017

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Wednesday WIP


This is actually work from Tuesday, but one of the vagaries of winter is the lack of decent light for photography.  It doesn’t affect all the things I make, but some colours or textures need really good light in order to show them off to their best.  Dark green book cloth happens to be one of those things, which means that although the books are finished and ready to go into my shop they are having to sit on my desk until I can get decent photos of them.  I’m hoping I’ll have better luck tomorrow!


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One of my jobs for today is to list on Etsy the new gocco stationery I made last Wednesday.  While I’m faffing about doing that, here are a couple of photos and a short video from last week to keep you entertained.


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The long bank holiday gave me a chance to both start and finish a project (novel, eh?).  It’s another mixed media embroidery piece and, like last time, I remembered to take some progress shots to show you how it’s done.  The quote is from Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, and the image is from Pixabay.

ripples WIP_01

ripples WIP_02

ripples WIP_03

ripples WIP_04

ripples WIP_05

See at this point I thought I was done, but when you look closely you can still see a fine film of paper residue on the surface of the image.

ripples WIP_06

ripples WIP_07

That’s better!  Onto the embroidery.

ripples WIP_08

ripples WIP_09

I’m all out of frames so this piece is currently waiting for me to take a trip to the dreaded IKEA (oh how I hate the place) before I can list it in my Etsy shop.

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This is actually what I was working on last week, but in all the excitement of finishing a new piece I totally forgot to blog about it.  This illustration will be available as A6 greetings cards, in fact they’re back from the printers already but I haven’t got the cellophane sleeves yet so won’t be adding them to Etsy until next week!

One day I will have a go at making a time-lapse video, but for now you’ll just have to put up with lots of photos…

wip 24-02-2015_01

wip 24-02-2015_02

wip 24-02-2015_03

wip 24-02-2015_04

wip 24-02-2015_05

wip 24-02-2015_06

wip 24-02-2015_07

wip 24-02-2015_08

wip 24-02-2015_09

wip 24-02-2015_10

wip 24-02-2015_11

wip 24-02-2015_12


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I made a start on this project, which is a set of designs for notecards, a few weeks ago and then got side tracked, mostly because I decided that rewatching all of the Harry Potter films would be helpful.  It was, but then again it wasn’t!  Still very much a work in progress (these are just my rough workings) but I hope to get these finished so they’re ready to be printed at the start of the new year.

WIP 25-12-2015_04

WIP 25-12-2015_03

WIP 25-12-2015_02

WIP 25-12-2015_01

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My A-level art teacher always said I have the attention span of a butterfly, and really she was quite right. I got distracted from the other project I was trying to finish, so this is what’s been occupying me this week. Still not quite finished, but almost!




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wip 02-09-2015_01

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Still working on something with my pen and paints…


…and today I started knitting little hats again for The Big Knit…


…but I’m still finding time to relax too.


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