Street Art #26

Something  a little different for our street art this week.  I sometimes take our dog to Emslie Horniman Pleasance, and it wasn’t until my second visit there that I spotted this very subtle piece in the Quiet Garden there.

street art_26 1


street art_26 2

Doesn’t look like much so far does it?  Then you take a closer look at some of the bricks.

street art_26 3

street art_26 4

street art_26 5

street art_26 6

street art_26 7

street art_26 8

Wise words indeed.



Street Art #25

There’s a great piece of street art by iCon just outside Graffik Gallery on Portobello Road.  It’s a tad difficult to get a decent photo of it, but here you go!

street art_25 1

street art_25 2

street art_25 3

Tea, anyone?

I received a lovely parcel in the post last weekend and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and show it off!  The lovely Jennifer of Architette Studios sent me a beautifully curated parcel that had tea as the theme.

tea parcel_01

tea parcel_04

It really is such a thoughtful parcel, and I love the gorgeous wee charms that she decorated it with.

tea parcel_03

tea parcel_02

Couldn’t see a tea pantone in there though?  The sugar doilies are a new one on me, I’ve never even heard of them before but  I’m looking forward to trying them very soon!

This was such a wonderful thing to receive in the post (and a total surprise too – I didn’t find the e-mail notification in my inbox until three days later as I had a few days off).  A huge thank you to Jennifer, and I am now getting ready a wee parcel of my own…

What’s in my sketchbook this week?  A friend’s staffy, and a bit of fruit ‘n’ veg…


ss 10-08-2014 1

ss 10-08-2014 2

Street Art #24

I’m not sure whether this was done by the people who live in this house or by a random street artist, but either way it certainly brightens up the street.  You can find it on Portobello Road, just past the Portobello Pet Shop.

street art_24

A little bit of people watching while having a drink at the cafe in Queen’s Park today.

ss 03-08-2014


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