It’s that time of year again, summer holiday sketchbook!

ss 04-10-2015_01

ss 04-10-2015_02

ss 04-10-2015_04

ss 04-10-2015_05

ss 04-10-2015_06

ss 04-10-2015_07

ss 04-10-2015_08

ss 04-10-2015_09

ss 04-10-2015_10

ss 04-10-2015_11

ss 04-10-2015_12

ss 04-10-2015_13

ss 04-10-2015_14

ss 04-10-2015_15

ss 04-10-2015_16

Street Art #87

Nice piece spotted by Matt at the junction of Mangle Street and Back Picadilly, Manchester.

street art_87

Wednesday WIP

Before I went away on holiday I ordered a little sample set of Peerless Watercolors from OliveMeArtsie on Etsy.  My mini palette arrived while I was away so of course I’ve been itching to try it out since I got back, and finally had some time this morning.

wip 30-09-2015_02

I did a sheet of test swatches to get a better idea of the colours.

wip 30-09-2015_01

Oh they’re lovely, aren’t they?  Let’s have a look at the palette and the swatches in the same light, you can see how dark and full of pigment the palette is.

wip 30-09-2015_03

wip 30-09-2015_04

The range of colours is good, and the pigment is nice and strong so a little will go a long way.  I’m hugely impressed at the portability of this medium, and the possibility of making my sketch kit even smaller (I do like to downsize), but alas this travel palette as supplied is just a wee bit too big.

wip 30-09-2015_05

Ideally I’d like it to fit into the little pocket at the back of my sketchbook, so it would need to be quite a bit smaller (as pictured below), which would mean it’d be a little thicker I suppose (as it would run to more than two sides), but definitely something to consider.

wip 30-09-2015_06

A friend of mine is over in the US at the moment so she’s going to see if she can get me some full sets of Peerless Watercolor that I can play with and cut down to make my own custom palettes, but if she has no luck finding them I think I’ll see if OliveMeArtsie can oblige.

Sunday Sketchblog #137

Due back from my holiday today so I think it’s a good time to show the postcards I sent while I was in Orkney. All quite simple scenes from my trip, drawn in ink and then filled in with watercolour.












Street Art #86

Great wheelie bins spotted on Chevening Road, NW6.  Photo courtesy of Matt.

street art_86_01

Sunday Sketchblog #136

Right this minute I’m away in Orkney, and hopefully getting a chance to draw en plein air.  I’ll have plenty of sketches to show from my trip when I get back at the end of the month.  In the meantime here’s a gift I gave to my friends in Inverness when we stayed with them last week.  The drawing is based on a photograph of Marley I took during their visit here in May.  Cheeky blighter was in the house all of ten minutes before I found him in the bathroom sink!

Marley 05-09-2015

Street Art #85

Some work by ProPig which can be found on the pathway along the A50, between the Britannia Stadium and Heron Cross (Stoke-on Trent).  Photos courtesy of Matt.

street art_85_01

street art_85_03

street art_85_02


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