Street Art #167

This week’s street art was collected by Matt when he visited and Leicester* earlier this year.  Lovely mural, and you know I’m sure he told me why it was there but right this moment I can’t remember!

street art_167_01

street art_167_02

street art_167_03

street art_167_04

street art_167_05

street art_167_06

street art_167_07


Street Art #166

I’ve been meaning to do this one for absolutely ages.  It’s along the first stretch (the Golborne Road end) of Portobello Road, W10.  The sketches are amazing so do click on the individual images to view a larger version.

street art_166_01

street art_166_09

street art_166_02

street art_166_03

street art_166_04

street art_166_05

street art_166_06

street art_166_07

street art_166_08

street art_166_10

street art_166_11

street art_166_12

street art_166_13

street art_166_14

street art_166_14

street art_166_15

street art_166_16

Way back in the mists of time* I shared some work in progress photos of my Tunnock’s Teacake project.  I did actually get round to making some notecards, and I was even organised enough to put them in my Etsy shop.  What I didn’t manage to do was to mention that on here.  How, I ask myself, am I supposed to sell things if I never remember to advertise?

So here they are, looking scrumptious.  Go, buy some cards!




*early March

Street Art #165

A random selection of bits I spotted in central London back in April.  The chalk pavement art was pretty cool, but I think the colourful pigeons were my favourite.

street art_165_01

street art_165_02

street art_165_03

street art_165_04

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I haven’t published a Sunday Sketchblog since January, and I haven’t done any drawing at all since mid-February.  There are reasons for that, which I won’t go into now.  Anyway I finally picked up my pen again this week, so here are some random sketches and hopefully I’ll be back on form again soon.

ss 04-06-2017_01

ss 04-06-2017_02

ss 04-06-2017_03

Street Art #164

Another guest post from Kat!

Red Light District, Amsterdam. #nofuckingphotos campaign to protect sex workers

street art_164_01

street art_164_02

Near Red Light District:

street art_164_03

Dam Square:

street art_164_04

street art_164_05

street art_164_06

street art_164_07

Bulldog bar, famous coffee shop:

street art_164_08


Street Art #163

A quick one this week, spotted on a shop shutter.  West Hendon Broadway, NW9.

street art_163