Street Art #129

Cute little space invader mosaic, can be found outside The Dock Kitchen in Ladbroke Grove.

street art_129

Street Art #128

The last Queens Park station mural by Andrew Burns Colwill only lasted a couple of weeks before it was replaced in early June by a vibrant offering from Inkie.  Not the best photo but there’s a florist who sets up stall in front of it so I have to take what I can get, and sadly it gets the rising sun (which has been rather bright of late)!

street art_128

Street Art #127

There’s a cluster of graffiti at the westmost end of Portobello Green market (near Ladbroke Grove station) and for the life of me I don’t know why I’ve never photographed it before.  I’m sure I have, but searching my blog isn’t turning anything up so here we go!

Various bits here.  My favourite is the minion, but there’s nice work by Angus, Jay Kaes, The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists, and some Fauntleroy Snooty too.

street art_127_01

street art_127_02

street art_127_03

street art_127_04

Street Art #126

Another souvenir!  This one is from Granada, and was taken by Lola (go and visit her blog if you like food!).

street art_126

A little review of the last book I read.  Otter Goes to School, by Sam Garton.  If the author is reading this then don’t worry, I’ve also left a review on Amazon😉

Click here to see my previous review of an Otter book.

ss 24-07-2016

Street Art #125

A small selection of art from Camden this week.  I took the photos back in February and we were just passing through in the van – I pulled over to quickly take the pictures but didn’t pay proper attention to where I was!  I think it might have been Harmood Street, NW1… includes artwork by @moleculahowl, @autone1, and @itaewon_myl

street art_125_01

street art_125_02

street art_125_03

street art_125_04

Street Art #124

Some more holiday art, this time from Belfast and it was sent to me by my friend Ginge, along with the caption”not the regular sort of street art that Belfast is known for”😉

street art_124_01

street art_124_02


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