Wednesday WIP

I didn’t get a chance to do much (any?) blogging last week so here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to recently…

wip 01-04-2015_01

wip 01-04-2015_02

…lots of bunting in the process of being made, but I’m having to do it in bits and pieces because my pinking shears are a bit uncomfortable and despite rigging up a leather finger guard I can only do so many flags before I have either a dent or a blister on my finger :(

wip 01-04-2015_03

Yes, I should probably just buy some different pinking shears…but I’m too tightfisted!

wip 01-04-2015_04

More embroidery, a commissioned piece this time, and in the photo above you can see 100 French knots.  I gave up counting after that but I think there were around 1,000 knots in the finished piece (which I will blog about soon!).

wip 01-04-2015_05

After a bit of a break in my knitting and crochet habit I’ve picked up my hook again to make the cosy blanket designed by Lucy of Attic24.  It’s a nice easy pattern, and I bought one of the yarn packs from Wool Warehouse so I didn’t even need to worry about buying the right colours.  Gratuitous yarn/shiba photo…

wip 01-04-2015_06

…and that’s it for now.  I really have been a bit rubbish at remembering to blog stuff so I will be trying to catch up with things over the bank holiday weekend!

Street Art #60

Nothing fancy, but this fella made me smile.  The wheelie bin in question belongs to an apartment building on Banister Road, W10.

street art_59

Street Art #59

Love this little guy.  You can find him on Wedlake Street, W10, where the road meets the Ha’penny Steps.

street art_58

ss 22-03-2015_01

ss 22-03-2015_02

Street Art #58

It pays to be eagle-eyed when you’re out and about, as street art might be hiding in the oddest places.  I was walking past an apartment building on Woodfield Road, W9, when I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye.

street art_57_01

A cute bit of graffiti, lurking in the car park beneath the apartments (which are just opposite the pub, Angie’s Free House).  So I stuck my arm through the railings and got a better shot.

street art_57_02

Wednesday WIP

Yes, I know I said no more embroidery for a while but someone requested a particular letter :)



During the neverending tidy up of my studio I realised something: I have far too much paper.  Not something I ever thought I’d say, but even I have limits.  A lot of it is beautiful, and would make lovely covers for notebooks… but I could be making notebooks from dawn until dusk every day for a month and still not get through my stash.  What’s a woman to do?  I decided to make some sets of postcards from some of the paper, backing the pretty designs with some cream card.  Simple, but they look great.  There are nine sets available in my Etsy shop, all of which are a one-off.

2015-02-26 12.54.19









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